Rate My Rosetta - Terms & Conditions

RateMyRosetta.com allows users to submit photographs for others to rate. RateMyRosetta.com users decide what content is made available to others using the RateMyRosetta system. Users are responsible for complying with all applicable federal and state laws applicable to such content, including copyright laws.

RateMyRosetta respects copyright law and expects our users to do the same. Unauthorized copying, distribution, modification, public display, or public performance of copyrighted works is an infringement of the copyright holders' rights. As a condition to your use of the RateMyRosetta.com system, you agree that you will not use the RateMyRosetta.com service to infringe the intellectual property rights of others in any way.

RateMyRosetta may occasionally use uploaded photos to promote RateMyRosetta. These images will be attributed where possible, and will not be directly used to profit. RateMyRosetta reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions without prior notification.

Rate My Rosetta - Privacy Policy

RateMyRosetta.com takes your online privacy seriously. You may visit this site anonymously as often as you like without providing any personally identifying information (such as your name or e-mail address). We do not collect personally identifying information from you except when you specifically provide it, and we protect the information we receive. If you sign up to RateMyRosetta, we may use a cookie to keep track of your session. We also use cookies to identify your browser so that we can provide the best link to our site.

We never share your e-mail address or other details with third parties except, in rare instances, were required by law.