The Right Café

Released on 2012-02-21 by Emily

The right café would have the best coffee. That’s right, but that’s not all. If you own a café, you must know what makes a great café.

A good café has many brews. Serve both hot and cold coffees. Make sure you have commonly ordered coffees like espresso, and cappuccino etc. Also, have a recipe that defines your café- something special that’s served by you only.

Remember, people come to cafes not just for coffee- the ambience plays a big role as well. Your café should let people feel relaxed with a homely environment. It should also have delicious coffee and food scents in the air, making people want more.

Your café should be busy but never noisy. The ambience should be such that people have a decent conversation, but don’t make noise. It’s good to have smooth music playing in the background.

Another good point is having a wi-fi connection because many people come to cafes to have a cup of coffee while working. Wi-fi cafes are really a blessing. You can even offer some space to companies to hold their meetings, while you arrange their coffee and snacks. That would be a great idea.

Apart from serving coffee, pay some attention to snacks as well. What kind of snacks people usually like with coffee? Keep different types of sandwiches and cakes. Keep a few varieties of tea as well, as there are many people who prefer tea over coffee.

Don’t limit yourself to just coffee and tea. Offer other beverages like summer coolers, hot chocolate, and smoothies. There are many options for experimentation. Just buy some recipe books or browse the internet for beverage recipes. There are new recipes being developed almost every day. This would let your café has drinks that nobody else offers.

Having a dark ambience would make people more comfortable as they can relax and unwind while having a cup of coffee. But don’t make it look shady. A little nightly feel would do the trick. It would also maintain quiet in the café as music plays in the background.

It’s mostly young people who visit cafes, so make the café more appealing to the younger generation. Of course people of all ages enjoy coffee equally, but younger people are the ones to visit cafes regularly. You can also make comfortable space where people can talk to their girlfriend/boyfriend. Your customers would love that.

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