Most Expensive Coffee- Unbelievable

Released on 2012-04-10 by Emily

Civet coffee, or Kopi Luwak, is the most expensive coffee in the world. Itís price? $160 for a pound. It surely is expensive. But more interesting than that is the reason why it is so expensive. This coffee is made in Indonesia and is extracted from coffee berries eaten by an animal (Asian Palm Civet).

So if the berries are eaten, how are they extracted? Well the civet eats these berries and pass the partially digested ones out its digestive tract. Yes, thatís right. The civet poops out half digested berries that are then picked by people. These are harvested and roasted. It is supposed to be the least bitter and the most aromatic coffee in the world.

You might be interested in the Palm Civet. He is a feline like mammal and is also called a Toddy cat. He is found in South East Asia and likes red coffee beans and berries. And in their home jungles, they get many ripe and sweet coffee berries. But they are unable to digest these berries completely. So out they come in the form of poop.

Civet coffee sounds disgusting. Canít we just take those berries from the trees? No, because the enzymes present in the stomach of the civet break down the beans and take away their bitterness. So what we get is a delicious poop bean. Now that this coffee is very famous, many big companies deal in it. But I wonder who was the first human who saw civet poop and though ĎmmmÖ this must be deliciousí. He took it home, washed it (though Iím not sure about that), roasted the beans, ground them and poured boiling water over them. And then drank that water. Wow, it tastes like chocolate and caramel. Letís open a small industry of poop coffee.

Is Kopi Luwak famous? Yes it is. In Indonesia, you can get a cup for $30. And you may even find it in selected coffee shops in U.S and Japan. I havenít made up my mind yet if I would like to taste it or not. But if you have ever tasted it, do let me know. Is it really worth it?

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