How to Create the Perfect Cup of Craving

Released on 2012-05-24 by Emily

There are certain addictions that I have never been able to give up. Why should I, when that addiction is a cup of heavenly coffee! Since time immemorial, coffee has been one of the yummiest cups of craving known to mankind. Coffee is one refreshing drink that you will smell brewing in the pot no matter in which corner of the world you are in. Coffee is grown in a variety of flavors and you can pick your beans depending on what your taste buds enjoy the most.

It is quintessential to take proper care of coffee right from the stage when you plant the seed until it is served. Coffee needs utmost care and respect when it is being created. There are certain prerequisites that one should always take care of while nurturing that giving life to the perfect cup of magic.

Growing coffee is an art and so is brewing it. Choose the right coffee. No coffee can brew well if the beans bought have already been killed. Thanks to mal growing techniques. It is true that everyone has got their own personal choices and preferences, but clearly no one would like stale or tasteless coffee. Judging the best coffee can become a very cumbersome task (it is like judging the best wine) nevertheless the wheat and chaff can be separated.

One basis of distinction with the help of which you can choose the right coffee for yourself is “freshness”. Fresh beans are the way to go. Whether you want it light, dark, complex or simple the paramount of coffee are only those beans that have been freshly roasted. Those beans that have been packaged for months are good for no edible use in my personal discretion. You might want to dump them in your garbage can!

Try looking for a coffee shop nearby which either roasts their beans or gets its delivered daily or weekly from a roaster. Buy samples from these coffee shops and brew them. I am sure you will soon find the best flavors that you’ve ever tasted. You can even have a quick look into the brewing techniques that these coffee shops use.

Once you have bought some fresh high quality roasted beans the next step is to keep it fresh until you brew it. Store the beans in an air tight container. Grind the whole beans just before brewing it. It will enhance the flavors to a completely new level. In fact, your coffee will taste better than what is made at many commercial coffee houses. French press pot, aeropress, stove top and mocha are a few of the different options that can be used to make a hot cup of energizing coffee.

Once you have decided the right beans and have ground them well you can create the best flavors of coffee at tour own home. You just don’t have to crave for that royal cup of coffee that is sold in elite restaurants because you too have the secret to create the best cup of coffee now.

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