Coffee as Hair Dye

Released on 2012-05-11 by Emily

What is the secret behind deep dark hair? Deep earthy brown strands are the desire of every woman, but they are still confused about natural way of coloring hair by chemical means. Many men and women prefer to go natural. Washing hair by brewed coffee and beer are quite heard of. It is a good treatment for prolonged colored hair. Colored dyes have chemicals, which are not a good way to dye your hair. These dyes lighten your natural shade and make it weak over long term.

There are a lot of natural materials that add beautiful color and shine to hair. Coffee is one such effective natural ingredient. Whenever you hear the word coffee, it reminds you about the cool cold coffee shakes or hot creamy cuppa. However, coffee stains have changed the entire perspective in cosmetic world. Women use coffee to color their hair the natural way.

There have been a lot of experiments to find out the colorful chemistry of coffee. To confirm the effects of coffee on natural hair color, a small experiment was conducted. Strands of bleached blonde hair were exposed to double espresso coffee. Bleached hair color makes hair porous and thus it absorbs coffee. The more coffee is absorbed, the more it will be highlighted on your hair.

However if your hair color is light you will get a brighter and darker shade. For people with black and dark blonde hair, there is barely any difference of hair color.

This experiment proves that coffee does alter your hair color but it is not a permanent hair treatment. The above-mentioned experiment was conducted on different hair colors and textures to prove the fact.

If you are really looking for hair color treatment with natural ingredient like coffee, follow this simple procedure:

Use your basin and cover the sinkhole with a cork. This will prevent water from flowing.
Brew coffee in a pan; make it strong for deep color.
Pour the coffee in the basin
Rinse your hair thoroughly in the basin.
Dip your head completely in coffee water. Use a cup or a small mug to pour coffee water all over your head.
Completely spread coffee water all over your hair. Rub your scalp with your fingers and evenly massage your head.
After 15 minutes, drain the coffee water from sink.
Pin your hair to prevent dripping of water.
Cover your head with a towel and let it stay for at least 15 minutes.
Let your hair absorb the effects of coffee.
Now rinse your hair with cool and fresh water.
Dry your hair.

If you religiously repeat the process, you will observe a deep brown shade in your hair. If you have bleached your hair, you will get earthy brown highlights.

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