Coffee & Cosmetics

Released on 2012-01-24 by Emily

Now waking up and smelling coffee has an altogether different meaning. A new trend has been brewing these days with claims of rejuvenating your skin. The trend is of coffee-based cosmetics.

A number of companies have been grinding out cosmetic products that contain Coffea Arabica (coffee fruitís extract) as their main ingredient. Coffee fruit is known to be rich in monosaccharide, polysaccharides and disease-fighting antioxidants. It also has antioxidants 25 times more than the amount found in coffee powder.

Many companies have started making use of Coffeea Arabica or Green Coffee in creams meant for skin-smoothening and anti-ageing purposes. Academy of Dermatology in US has given a nod to this nutrient as a promising advancement in the beauty industry. Coffeea Arabica basically works by helping in getting rid of free radicals. It is said to have astringent qualities which helps in rebuilding skin damaged by UV rays.

Cosmetic products, such as coffee-flavoured lip balms, are affordable and easily available in stores like Sephora. Green coffee extract and shea butter form the main ingredients of such conditioning balms. Other coffee-enriched products include Coffee Butter and Mochacchino Butter that promise a surprise of silky smoothness. These products claim to provide protection from UV light, quick penetration of cream into skin, excellent moisture retention and have, of course, a strong aroma of yummy coffee.

Other cosmetic options available are lip colours made out of coffee. Some of the popular cosmetic brands have come up with a range of lip liners and lipsticks that primarily contain coffee seed oil and other organic ingredients such as beeswax, seed oil, pomegranate, aloe, cocoa butter, ginseng, and chamomile. Coffea Arabica helps lipstick spread smoothly.

Beauty treatments done using stuff available at home make use of your favourite java too. Mix egg whites with coffee grounds and use the mixture for an awesome facial. Other than this, coffee can be used to add shine to dull hair and as a cellulite scrub. Coffee makes a great body scrub and helps a great deal with varicose veins and cellulite. Caffeine, found in coffee, helps with redistribution of fat inside our skin. It also acts as a very good astringent when treating acne.

Coffee, which was a mere morning beverage earlier, is more than that. Itís official now. So, the next time you are asked about your coffee preference, that is whether you like it regular or decaf, it just might be a question related to your cosmetic preference!

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