Cleaning with Coffee

Released on 2011-12-29 by Emily

Ever wished you could use soap with your favorite coffee in it? Well, this wish of yours has already been granted. There are coffee soaps available! Now isn’t that an ingenious way of using coffee?

Coffee fanatics are already in love with such soaps, which have become quite a rage now. There are people who love the rich coffee aroma even when they are washing or cleaning. Coffee soaps are ideal for kitchen’s cleaning purposes and for washing hands as these soaps are quite hard. For bathing, these soaps are better to avoid and the reason being, presence of a very corrosive ingredient in coffee soaps. This ingredient is commonly known as lye. Lye is what makes a coffee soap hard.

You can even make coffee soap on your own by using left over coffee. Coffee soaps can help you get rid of pungent smells of meat, fish, gasoline or garlic and these soaps are capable of cleaning your soiled and dirty hands very effectively. Since coffee soaps form rich lather so it makes them even more effective for cleaning purposes. Coffee soap hampers also makes an interesting gift. Anyone with love for coffee will adore such type of unique gifts.

Lye, a very caustic substance, forms the main contents of a coffee soap (as mentioned earlier). If you want to try making the soap yourself, you will need about 2 to 3 oz of lye, which can be bought from a local store. While you are making the soap, pour lye with caution as it emits highly toxic sulfurous fumes. Protect yourself well by wearing safety glasses, apron with long sleeves, and kitchen gloves. Avoid inhaling of lye’s caustic fumes. Any general soap making guidelines can then be followed to make your coffee soap. You must make sure that all safety tips mentioned in the instructions are followed. Either Cold Process method or Melt and Pour technique of making soap can be followed. Both are popular soap making techniques.

You can even add your favorite aromatic oils or exotic fragrances to the soap mix in order to add a personal touch. Some of the options are sweet almonds oil, hazelnut, rosemary, lavender oil, and cinnamon. Coffee soap bars can be made more refreshing by addition of different fragrances.

Body coffee soaps are commercially available for purchase these days. These are safe to use on body as they are mild. Now coffee soaps come equipped with deodorizing, relaxing, exfoliating, and antiseptic properties. These soaps help soothing of skin and senses. These are now being commonly used in beauty clinics, health spas, etc. Go to any cosmetic store and grab one for you today itself!

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