Brewing Perfect Coffee

Released on 2012-03-15 by Emily

I just love coffee. Well who doesnít? And the best way to say it is knowing how to brew a perfect cup. You canít go to a cafť for every cup of coffee. To get all your daily fixes, you need to know how to brew coffee at home. But whenever you brew coffee at home, itís just not the same as the one you get at cafes. So how can you brew the perfect cup?

Everyone has different ways to brew their favorite kinds of coffees, but I will tell you what I like. Well one thing is for sure: all the good cafes use best coffee beans and high tech machines. So you canít get the same level of quality they serve there, but you can be close enough. Keeping that in mind, letís begin.

1. Get the best beans. They donít really have to be expensive, but the good ones arenít cheap. So youíve got to lose some weight from your wallet and get some high quality beans. You might pay more, but it will be worth it.

2. Get coffee that is freshly roasted. Some people think that freshness starts at grinding. But thatís a myth. Thatís like thinking freshness of the bread starts when you are slicing it. Coffee freshness starts at roasting.

3. Donít buy a lot of coffee. Buy enough to last you for a couple of weeks max. This is because in a week or so, coffee will start losing its flavor. In good cafes, they always have fresh coffee. Thatís how they are able to serve the best coffee all the time. If your coffee stock is lasting for several months, thatís another reason why your brews arenít good.

4. Your coffee:water ratio should be right. This has a huge impact on intensity and taste. On an average, it is best to have about 2 tbsp of coffee for 6 oz of water.

5. Use good water. Coffee is about 98% water. If your water doesnít taste good, your coffee will be bland. It is best to buy filtered water from the market and use it to brew coffee.

6. Do you grind beans yourself? If yes, then make sure you grind them correctly. Donít get $10 grinders. They are more like shredders and give really bad consistency. You need to spend a few hundred dollars to get a decent grinder that will shave the bean, fracture it and crush it. Or you can buy ground coffee.

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