cap rosetta by Dean

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Latte Art, cap rosetta by Dean

my own cap rosetta

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muzzi Says:

You should get a shaker for the chocolate, it will get rid of the lumps and allow you to get that marble crema.

Dean Says:

i used a shaker, an it forms choc bits onto to form an extra effect....
no spoon mate

Luwish Says:

you should get your head checked... why would you put such a picture on the internet?

orbtracers Says:

Atleast he submits something! I'm sure even the best latte artists started out like that! Maybe you could be alittle more constructive in your criticism...

ThatCoffeeGuy Says:

No offense, but how does this have 59 votes, with a 4 star average? Dean are you repetedly voting for your own pours?

treefinger Says:

Tons of votes.. all on his pictures

luzidownunder Says:

wonder who gave all these votes...

Dean Says:

u did luzi.
thanks again

luzidownunder Says:

that's true.. i might have given u about 5 times 2 stars... and how did u know that???

luzidownunder Says:

..by the way.. i'm in melbourne at the moment.. you wouldn't tell me where your cafe is, would you???

..see ya

Joelcostanzo Says:

i dont know what it is about this i just am not impressed sorry if i was handed this i might hesitate at first. Is it the way it was mean to be, not trying to make drama just a yound barista with a question

rayjay Says:

wow...everytime I look at a new latte I see "destructive" crticism from Dean. I had to take a look for myself.

No offence, but the people I train pour better than you mate.

Heidi Says:

Just a quick question - why do people make their caps with chocolate?
Because I was taught only to make it with a single shot and hot frothed milk - nothing else.

Silverskin Says:

The chocolate topping is entirely a regional thing. In Australasia a cappucino generally comes with a dusting of chocolate or cinnamon.
This image however is not a traditional example as such and hopefully you would not be likely to see this in any cafe.

Heidi Says:

Okay, I was just wondering. I even think that most, if not all, other cafes here [Iceland] serve it with chocolate (I've often heard complaints about this from my brother - until he decided only to buy coffee from the shop I work at) except us.

But it isn't done in any competitions, is it?


I think the addition of chocolate to a cappuccino is fine - it's just depends on personal preference. What I hate though, is when people begin to think the chocolate's one of the defining aspects of a cappuccino, because it's not, or when people use it as the only distinguishing feature between capps and other drinks like caffe lattes. Personally, I don't like it because I feel it masks the flavour of a well-made cappuccino which is delicious in itself. ...Wow! Dean's getting a lot of hits for this picture!

Ozzie_in_Iceland Says:

Sorry to interrupt, but hey Heidi, nice to see someone else in Iceland posting here!

As for the chocolate-powder question, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think people use it in competitions. Chocolate powder on a cappuccino was standard in my old workplace (Kofi Tˇmasar FrŠnda -don't go there if you want good coffee!!), but we generally don't do it where i work now, unless someone asks for it specifically.

Personally I don't like it in my coffee, but it's fun to experiment with when it comes to latte-art.

Ozzie_in_Iceland Says:

Oops, double post!

Edited by Ozzie_in_Iceland on September 27, 2007

eliselovescoffee Says:

Chocolate or no chocolate, that is one interesting drink! Whole Latte Love is sponsoring a Latte Art Video contest. Check it out here - [CLICK] - all you need is a video of yourself making some amazing latte art!

Relle@SnowsPatisserie Says:

on a cap i like to use a chocolate powder that melts down nicely on the crema before i pour. this creates a really nice contast when pouring a rosetta on a cap. i really should take a pic when i get back to work

Allison Says:

I like this one - it's sort of post-impressionist. Why should perfectly smooth and symmetrical be the standard? This one has character.

Allison Says:

I like this one - it's sort of post-impressionist. Why should perfectly smooth and symmetrical be the standard? This one has character.

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