How To Make Latte Art, Latte Art Tutorial

By Ted Bendixson - http://www.tedbendixson.com

Latte Art - Introduction

What is Latte Art?
Creating The Perfect Milk Foam
Supplies For The Perfect Espresso
Packing The Perfect Espresso Shot
How To Brew A Perfect Shot of Espresso
Your First Foray Into Latte Art
Three Tips for Latte Portraiture

Latte Art Techniques - Beginner

How To Make A Rosetta
How To Create An Inverted Rosetta
Pouring A Wreath Rosetta
The Snow Man

Latte Art Techniques - Intermediate

The Chocolate Flower Pinwheel
The Double Heart
The Cross Swirl
Chocolate Flower Star Swirl
The Crema Flower
The Butterfly

Latte Art Techniques - Advanced

Easter Bunny
Wave Heart
The Tulip
The Chocolate Powder Dog
The Tulip Man
The Bear
The Dragon
The Phoenix
The Daisy

Latte Art Techniques

The Blazing Solar Flare
The Taj Mahal
The Skull
Hearts Galore
The Swan
The Cat