The Easter Bunny

By Ted Bendixson

Your latte art creation skills are beginning to reach their zenith. By now, you know how to pour multiple designs into a single cup. You are a master of the rosetta, the heart, and you also happen to know a few things about using sharp pointed objects and chocolate in concert to make even more appealing designs. The next design we're going to teach is a pretty big step up from what you have been learning. Here's why. It will require you to be able to modify heart shapes to make them either appear wider and more full or long and skinny. We're going to teach you how to make an Easter Bunny.

If you haven't already gone through our double heart tutorial, we highly advise you to do so at this moment. Knowing how to make a double heart is absolutely central to this exercise. The Easter Bunny is one kind of double heart, modified slightly, to give it an Easter Bunny look. Your milk foam will be very important, as it always is, with this one. Remember to angle the steam wand to the side of the steam pitcher, toward the end of the steaming process, to get the milk to swirl around and give you a nicely textured foam.

You will begin the Easter bunny pour just like you would begin the pour for any double heart. Fill the cup a little more than 3/4 of the way to the top and start the wrist wiggling motion for the top heart. The top heart will become the Easter bunny's ears. It has to be kind of long and skinny, but even more importantly, it needs to have a very clean line running through the middle of it. Getting the top heart to be long and skinny will be kind of difficult, so don't worry too much about that. Luckily, the bottom heart will look more like the top of an apple, so even if you can't get the top heart to be long and skinny, it will still look like bunny ears as long as there is a very clear line running through it.

You create the line running through the top heart as you would create it for any heart. Elevate the steam pitcher above the cup to get the milk stream to push the foam near the center of the heart to the side while gravity brings in the surrounding brown foam. You can only elevate the pitcher to a certain point before you start to lose control of the process, however. Experiment a little bit with this one and find your happy place.

When you ran the pitcher through the top heart to make the line that will separate the bunny's two ears, you also put yourself in a great position to pour the bottom heart. Stay where you are. The bottom heart isn't exactly a heart per se. It's just very heart-like. You won't be striking through the bottom heart to create any lines. As we said, it should look more like the side view of an apple. Your bottom heart should be round and plump with a small divot in the top.

To create the bottom heart, just pour a heart as your normally would, but don't elevate the pitcher at the end of the pour to make any lines run through it. It's as simple as that. The foam will spread around the surface of the latte, creating a nice round shape. Lift up your steam pitcher and set it to the side. The hard part is done.

If you managed to get what looks like a heart shaped bunny ear on top of a plump, round, appley looking thing, you have done most of what is required for the Easter bunny design. Your next step is to grab a small pointed object like a tiny screwdriver you would use to take apart a cell phone. You're going to use it to paint eyes and other features onto your pre-poured bunny template.

First, take your pointed object and dip it into the brown foam to grab just a bit of brown foam for some of the Easter bunny's facial features. Create the bunny's eyes with two dots of brown foam and then use more of the brown foam to pencil in a nose and a mouth. Some people like to add whiskers onto their bunny by making some curved lines near the bunny's nose and just above its mouth. There really isn't much more we can tell you about freeform latte drawing for your Easter bunny. It's more of a matter of using your own style and learning the quirks of the brown foam medium. Experience will make you better at it.

If you don't figure out how to make an Easter bunny the first time, don't worry. It's a significant step up from what you're been doing. Enjoy your success because it will be the first of your creations to use multiple elements to create a single, recognizable cultural icon. Bring it out at Easter and stun the family. You deserve any recognition for it.

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